Avoiding weaponization

We know, unless you’re some deviant with a fetish, that men and women fuck for different reasons. Men, being relatively straightforward creatures, fuck because they want to fuck. For women, sex is a gambit of sorts. She fucks you because she believes you possess some value that she can benefit from in future time.

Most people, if given the chance, will try to exploit you if they think they can get away with it. Guys will take advantage of a girl’s naivety and lie to her to get laid. Girls will string a sexually-deprived guy along with the promise of sex, only to drink his liquor and use his bed to fuck his roommates for a few months until he catches on. I hate to sound like I’ve written off humanity, but it’s hard to be optimistic in the face of the social subversion, betrayal, and needless aggression I see on a day-to-day basis around here.

We exist in an era of assumed hostility between strangers. Among the millennial generation it’s gotten so intense that I don’t hesitate to say that we form a nihilistic subgroup within society. Community has been sacrificed to give way to a superfluously competitive arena of competing bands of modern-day primate tribes. Don’t believe me? Just walk into any establishment serving alcohol to a group of more than 50 people.

I mean, look–Kalamazoo is a hostile place. When you walk around areas populated by students, do you really feel safe? I don’t. I’ve seen way too much out on Lafayette Street and West Michigan Ave to be fooled into believing that the student population of Kalamazoo is a particularly friendly bunch. You need not walk too long a distance on a Friday or Saturday night to see people kicking down mailboxes, throwing objects at passerby from the safety of their porch, or encountering some shirtless asshole trying to fight you because he was abused as a child and can’t get laid.

And, I hate to say it, but I think the root problem of the student population’s proclivity for violence is the fact that the people here are really stupid. You get a lot of the “white trash” from the isolated, historically poor towns and suburbs around Kalamazoo flooding into student neighborhoods to take advantage of subsidized schooling at community college, and they bring with them heavy emotional baggage that they unload onto the world after a few shots of their fifteen-dollar-a-handle vodka. These are not the people with the presence of mind, emotional health, or intelligence to settle differences or solve problems with compromise and reason. Their deference to violence or, as is usually the case, the threat of violence is how they cope with their limited capacity for clearing life’s hurdles.

You also get these delusional wrecks of human beings who, while unimposing and demure when alone, suddenly materialize a propensity for combat the moment the number of dudebros in their coterie exceeds three or four. Ironically, it’s never the big, strong dudes you need to worry about when you’re walking around outside, minding your own business. The big dude doesn’t need to waste energy (and incur the penalties) of fighting random people because he’s already validated constantly by the limp-wristed, sniveling manboys who cling to him like dingleberries. It’s the skinny dudes, short dudes, and weak dudes who are the troublemakers and who use combat as a means to vindicate the prevailing insecurities surrounding their masculinity that weigh down on them heavier than their 135 lb bench press max.

I mean, how many times have you seen the weak dude in a group instigate a fight simply because he knows all of his friends will save his sorry hide should somebody step up to him when he hurls insults off of his porch? I’ve ended friendships for this very reason. When I go out on the town, I’m not looking to do battle–I’m trying to have a pleasant time in the company of my peers and get laid.

However, when I do go out these days, I see a significant number of weirdos who stand around with furrowed brows, fishing for eye contact as a pretext for starting fights or to cockblock. If you’re going to be a sad cunt when you go out, why even venture forth into the night? If there exists within you all of these underlying emotional issues, do you really think the remedy is alcohol and loud music? You’re only exacerbating your problem and making things worse for everybody around you.

The hair trigger for violence that hangs in the air around Kalamazoo has reflected its nastiness on its dating market as well. A significant number of women (maybe over half at this point) pick the guys they fuck based on his utility as a weapon.

Note, a weapon’s use isn’t restricted to mere self-defense. It’s also a tool that the psychologically warped and sociopathically ambitious use to inflict harm and extract power. How many times have you seen the scenario where a woman will act like a total cunt in public and provoke fights simply because she knows her meathead boyfriend will rush to her “rescue” in the scenario she says the wrong thing to the wrong person? I’ve seen it countless times around Kalamazoo. I see it so often that I expect it.

So, what makes a good weapon, exactly?

A male with high potential for weaponization is physically powerful (since she’s not looking to win arguments) and obedient. Obedience necessitates the surrender of independence of mind and spirit and it entails enslavement to the feminine allure (her pussy). Basically, you’ve got this lumbering idiot playing bodyguard to an equally stupid cakeface cunt with extra waistline chub and daddy issues. That’s what’s passing as a “relationship” in Kalamazoo now.

I can guarantee that if you’re a guy living in this city (and probably a lot of other places in America), and you’re not physically imposing, you’re not getting laid on any sort of consistent basis. Money, personality, and style don’t matter here–if you’re not her faithful attack dog, you’re not getting her sex.

And I’m not merely rephrasing the typical “girls like badboys” trope that seems to have engrained itself into the collective psyche of young men these days. Girls don’t really want rebellious badboys because they’re beyond her control. He’s probably going to cheat on her (since she’s a shallow cunt with little to offer other than a vagina), defy, and humiliate her.

And I want to stress another fact here: this type of behavior isn’t something I’d typify of all women. It’s just something I observe amongst most girls. The girls who I’d typify as “average-looking.” You know, the ones with a fake tan, titcurtain to hide the extra fluff on her belly, and whose worldly knowledge doesn’t tread far ahead of what color Kim Kardashian’s turds are or page 134 of Twilight. Prettier girls generally have a more refined taste in men, and they’re not really prone to being fucked with since they’re of high value.

To appreciate the ugliness and pathetic nature of the weaponization phenomenon, you need to see it in action. I had the dubious honor of witnessing it in all its hideous glory outside of Grotto last month where a woman instigated violence against a couple of guys because one of them said her shoes were funny. She punched the guy in the head, as in actually put her hands on the poor guy, then waited for her boyfriend to jump in. Ironically, the boyfriend was beaten up badly, and the girlfriend was laid out on the concrete with a retaliatory punch to the jaw.

So, to men: avoid weaponization. You’re buying into a dysfunctional relationship with an antisocial slut. You’re better than that (I hope).


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